NFT Kid Sells Weird Whales Making Nearly Half a Million Dollars

A twelve year old kid found out that you can “tokenize” artwork to create a digital certificate that you can buy and sell.  They don’t usually give the buyer the original artwork or copyright.

Benyamin Ahmad will keep his earnings in Ethereum, the crypto-currency in that they were sold.

They could be worth more or less and authorities may not provide any assistance if the digital wallet he holds them in is compromised or hacked.

He has never held a traditional bank account.

Benyamin’s classmates don’t know about his crypto-wealth. However, he has uploaded YouTube videos about his hobby which he enjoys along with swimming, badminton, and taekwondo.

He said, “My advice for other children who might want to get into the space is to not force yourself to code, maybe because of peer pressure – just like if your passion is cooking, cook, or dancing, just do it to your best ability.”

Imran, Benyamin’s father, is a software developer who works within traditional finance. He encouraged Benyamin, and Yousef to begin coding when they were five and six years old.

They have the benefit of a strong network technology experts who can be contacted for help. He is very proud of them.

Imran stated, “It was a bit of fun exercise – but I learned really early that they were really open to it and were really good at it.”

“So we got a bit more serious and it’s now every day… but you can’t cram all this stuff. You can’t say that I’m going to learn Coding in three months.

He said that the boys did 20 to 30 minutes of coding each day, even on holidays.

After a previously Minecraft-inspired collection that did not sell well, Benyamin’s second digital art collection is Weird Whales.

He used a popular digital-art style and a well-known pixelated whale meme to inspire him, but he created the 3350 emoji-type images of whales using his own program.

He said, “It was fascinating to see all the eggs hatch, as they appeared slowly generating on my screen,”

Benyamin is currently working on his third collection, which will be superhero-themed. He also wants to create an “underwater-game” with the whales.

He said, “That would be incredible.” Imran is 100 percent certain that his son has not violated copyright law. He has hired lawyers to audit his work and to give him advice on how to trademark his designs.

The current NFT trend is dividing the art world. Artists consider them a valuable additional source of income.

Next Big NFT Craze – WeGo Battle Pods

The recent launch of sold out the 1000 pods within a couple of hours. No-one knows what the project is really about and golden nuggets of information will only be given as WeGo’s Twitter account hits certain follower milestones. The pods look amazing and are super cool and the internet is buzzing about them. One of the favorite WeGo Battle Pods has a beautiful jungle theme.

There are numerous stories of gigantic large sales. However, there are still questions about whether they can be considered a long-term investment.

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2021's Most Anticipated Growth & Wealth-Building Opportunity

Join Thousands of Early Adopters Just Like You Who Want to Grow Capital and Truly Understand Cryptocurrency Together

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